• Image of Jessa's Healthy Skin Essentials
  • Image of Jessa's Healthy Skin Essentials
  • Image of Jessa's Healthy Skin Essentials

This kit is designed to help you begin your switch to natural products or simply to bring your skin back to balance. Great for travel too!

Gentle enough to use every day, these facial grains are free
of soap and other harsh ingredients, and will leave your skin clean and balanced, while maintaining your skin's natural oils. Use daily and as an aide in your overall transition to healthy, natural products.

To use: Mix a ¼ teaspoon of the powder with a few drops of
water in the palm of your hand to create a liquidy paste. Gently massage on the face in a circular motion (careful not to scrub). Rinse off with cool water. Pat dry and follow with a nourishing face oil or balm to moisturize your skin.
Blades Natural Beauty
2 oz
ingredients: organic milk powder, garbanzo bean flour, rose and calendula petals.

This all in one product is a favorite of all who try it, and I don’t leave home without a jar stashed in my makeup bag. As a mask
it helps to detoxify and balance the skin while unclogging pores.
Got a bug bite? Simply apply the paste to a bite and let dry.
NO more itching. Forget your toothpaste? Use it to brush your teeth. Works like magic.

To use: In palm, mix desired amount of powder with enough water to form a paste. Apply to whole face or just one pimple.
Let dry completely. Remove by splashing warm water on your face, pat dry and moisturize. Use on a bug bite to stop itching. Sprinkle on a wet toothbrush and use as a tooth powder to brush your teeth.
Blades Natural Beauty
1 oz
ingredients: french green and kaolin clay, baking soda, organic peppermint and calendula petals, peppermint essential oil.

I created this blend to honor all of the amazing women out there.
I find myself constantly in awe of all that we do. As caregivers
we are so busy, so thoughtful, so tired... it is time that we all take a big breath and start taking better care of ourselves. Whether
you are hiking up an actual mountain or just carrying your groceries up a 4th floor walk up after a long day at work…this is the tea for you. Blended to help soothe and calm your delicate nervous system, this tea brings your shoulders down from up high around your ears, to their proper resting place, down below
your chin.

To use: Pour boiling water over herbs and steep for 10-15 minutes. Cover your cup or jar with a lid to keep in the volatile oils. Strain and enjoy! Use 1-3 teaspoons of herbs for 1 cup of water. Drink hot or cold.

Blades Natural Beauty
4 tea bags
ingredients: lemon balm, oats, nettle, damiana, chamomile
and peppermint.