• Image of Nº430: Yin-Yang Hammer

Many disorders and structural pains are a result of insufficient nourishment in the tissue. Yin stimulation (with the suction end) draws the blood and lymph to the surface of the tissue to nourish it. This initial protocol is necessary to accelerate rebalance. It is complemented by tapping with the yang end to distribute body fluids and tone tissue.
Muscular tensions in the lumbar region are easily treated by steadily tapping the painful area with the yin end for 3 minutes.
Gentle yin-yang tapping of the reflex areas of the face and skull is also very useful.
Overall, the yin-yang hammer helps to activate vital energy without reducing the relaxation achieved by therapeutic work. Using the yin end, complete the tapping treatment 7 times along the spinal column.
As referenced by traditional Chinese medicine, use the yin-yang hammer to unblock and activate the meridians.