• Image of Nº206: Yin - Yang Roller

This best-selling self-care tool is a non-invasive roller that offers the foundation of yang and yin for wellness and beauty. It is a favorite for it's ease-of-use and effectiness. The ultimate holistic solution to everyday concerns that can be simply used everywhere.


Gently roll the tool across the skin. This can include the hands, neck, feet
YANG-ball stimulates reflex zones while bringing microcirculation, nutrients and stimulation to the skin.
YIN-ball offers calm and natural cooling by naturally dispersing and hydrating
Suggested use: two times per day, 2-3 min on each end as needed


Increased Energy - roll the YANG-ball over the entire face
Reduce Anxiety and Stress - roll the YIN-ball on the forehead area
Sinus Drainage - roll YANG-ball then YIN-ball on the outside of the nose and cheek area


Fine Line Reduction- roll the YANG-ball then follow with rolling the YIN-ball
Acne Relief - roll the YIN-ball then YANG-ball over the affected area
Blemish Scar Reduction - roll the YANG-ball over the damaged region
Rosacea - roll the YIN-ball in the area of inflammation
Sun spots - roll the YIN-ball over the affected area


Soap or/ lemon and water
Can be exposed to light alcohols
Do not soak or use harsh chemicals


Stainless steel
Natural horn

Proudly made in Vietnam, the home of the original Dien Chan method. Created using sustainable materials in a safe and fair work environment.

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