• Image of The Healing Power of Garlic

The Enlightened Person's Guide to Nature's Most Versatile Medicinal Plant.
Healing traditions have recognized garlic as a natural "wonder drug" for thousands of years. Now medical research indicates garlic may prevent and even reverse high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer, as well as a host of other serious health problems. In fact, a recent head-to-head comparison proved garlic just as effective as the leading cholesterol-reducing drug in lowering cholesterol levels.
This comprehensive handbook describes exactly how to use garlic as a versatile, powerful, and effective medicine for a tremendous variety of common illnesses. The simple treatments described in this book can help you:Prevent cancer
Lower your cholesterol level
Reverse high blood pressure
Boost your immune system
Overcome fatigue
Resist colds and flu
Prepare healing garlic oil, ear drops, poultices, syrups, ointments, and other garlic treatments